International Forum “MONGOLIAN MINING WEEK 2023”, October 09-13 2023

Элчин сайдын яамны мэдээ



The largest meeting of the mineral resources sector the "Mongolian Mining Week 2023"  will be held in Ulaanbaatar on October 9-13 for the second year by the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry in cooperation with the Mongolian National Mining Association. 

Last year, for the first time in Mongolia, participants from all levels of the mineral resources industry gathered under one roof for five days in order to stimulate the development of the industry, attract foreign investors, support domestic enterprises, add strength to the policy of the Government of Mongolia, and look for opportunities to leverage. 

As a result of the event, determine the competitiveness of the industry, develop products and production that meet global trends and market demand, ensure the participation of citizens and the public in the policy decisions adopted by the government, seek joint solutions, restore a favorable investment environment, and accelerate legal and legal reforms. 

The Ministry of Industry is directing its policy measures to support responsible mining, consistently protect the interests of law-abiding domestic and foreign investors, give opportunities and trust to the private sector to increase responsibility and cooperation, and increase the industry's competitiveness.

At the "Mongolian Mining Week 2023" event, there will be a broad discussion of the policy reforms of the industry and the reform of the investment environment, which are included in the "Vision-2050" long term development program and the "New Revival Policy" implemented by the Government of Mongolia.

Please visit and for more information about the program and progress of the conference.