Last name: Oyunjargal

First name: Oyuntuya

Occupation:  M.A.
Arts and media administration and management


Facebook: @OyuntuyaOyunjargal, @NordArt-MongolianArt
Twitter:      NordArtMonArt

Areas of Cultural promotion and activities:

Cultural & media communication & policies, soft-power strategy and legal framework consulting

The promotion & activity programs and the adoption of soft-power policies are linked, planned and implemented in three main areas:
- Arts and culture: cultural (intangible) heritage, traditional folk art, classical & performing art, visual art, literature, creative industries etc.
- Media and communication: film, press, archive, database etc.
- Cultural studies and arts education: cultural & historical studies, audience development – arts education, advanced training programs

Mutual relations-from Mongolia abroad and vice versa: a significant position in the development of long-term sustainable cooperation.

Areas of interest in promoting Mongolian culture:
Establish and support sustainable and long-term mutual cooperation within the framework of governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutes, museums and research centers

Bringing together and connecting the aforementioned three main areas with tourism, education and social sectors to promote Mongolian culture.


Last name: Samdandamba

First name: Badamkhorol

Occupation: Singer, culture manager     

Email: info@mongolei-zentrum.com, http://www.mongolei-zentrum.com/

International culture event, stagecraft
Social engagement
Areas of interest in promoting Mongolian culture:

National folk art, modern music “Roaring Hooves” festival

Concert tour, lecture, exhibition, symposium, promotion of Mongolian tangible and non-tangible culture heritage registered by UNESCO


Last name: Tsegmid-Roesch

First name: Gerlee

Occupation: Dancer, Art studies,

Email: info@mongolian-step.com
Website: www.mongolian-step.com

Facebook: Gerlee Tsegmid, Mongolian Step

Areas of Cultural promotion and activities:

Founder of Mongolian Step, the Agency for Mongolian Arts and Culture in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since 1993, she promoted Mongolian culture not only in Europe, but also in China and in the United States by dancing with different groups such as Altain Orgil and performing solo in places such as the Philharmonie Berlin. In addition, she has danced at and organised Mongolian and Asian cultural events at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and at UNESCO Paris, among other venues. She has also organised a Mongolian Cultural Day in various locations in Berlin (Werkstatt der Kultur and Haus der Kulturen der Welt).

Current Areas of Cultural promotion and activities:
• Mongolian Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Mongol Biyelgee – Mongolian Traditional Folk Dance and Morin Khuur…etc.
• Mongolian Jazz
• Mongolian Classic
• Art Printing
• Mongolian Documentary
• Web for Arts and Culture
• CEO of The Association for the Mongolian Women’s Development in Europe, a non-profit organization, aim to facilitate the Mongolian women's networking and development in Europe and to help and support humanitarian work for women.

Areas of interest in promoting Mongolian culture:

Besides the above mentioned areas of cultural promotion, I am planning to cover areas such as the development of cultural and art tourism, promotion of Mongolian national culture and arts abroad, particularly in Europe, and activities on developing Mongolian content by creating cultural and art product and service.
The main concern of promotion includes the promotion of national culture and arts in all over world, expanding Mongolian culture influences, and validation of authenticity.